Lead In Buildings & Paint

If you own a home built before 1960, then it’s very likely to contain lead-based paints. These were marketed at the time as being extremely durable and leaving a washable painted surface. Lead paint was not banned until 1978, and so any houses built up to that date still have a significant chance of containing lead-based paints. It’s estimated that millions of homes in the USA contain lead paint, most of which lies concealed under newer layers of lead-free paint.

Lead paint is the main source of environmental exposure to lead. Its past use in gasoline, as well as paint, means it’s often found in soil. Children playing in the garden or in parks can accidentally ingest lead in this way.

If untouched and in good condition, lead paint isn’t a hazard. It causes harm when it has started to deteriorate or peel. Sliding casement windows are particularly prone to having their lead painted surfaces damaged when the sash is slid up and down. The paint breaks off in tiny chips and gets mixed up with household dust, where it can be inhaled as a toxin.

The potential hazard magnifies whenever the property is decorated or renovated. Sanding the old lead paint layers can release lead dust into the air. The more vigorous the building work, the more lead dust will contaminate your home, endangering the health of you and your family.

If you suspect your home may contain lead paint, then it’s best to take precautions before carrying out any building work or DIY. Don’t roll dice with your health; if you’re not sure, be cautious and assume lead is present in all painted surfaces.

KOD Restoration & Construction, with years of industry experience, can test your house for lead. Leave it to the professionals. We test not only the interior of your home, but exterior walls, fencing, and porches too. We can advise whether the existing painted surface is in a good state of repair or needs addressing as a potential health hazard. We can draw up a risk assessment tailored to your property and the condition of all lead painted surfaces. We also advise on old lead plumbing, and can quote for replacement with lead-free pipework.

Should your house test positive for lead, and you’re reluctant to work on it yourself, let KOD Restoration & Construction do the job for you. Our construction team is trained in lead-safe work practices, protecting not only themselves but your family too.

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