Emergency Roof Repair

A two-story residential structure with significant roof damage caused by a falling tree. Destroyed shingles, lumber based beams, disconnected venting, gutter detachments, disturbed underlayment of shingles and severe exposure to weather elements. The interior of the home was vulnerable to water and debris from snow, rain and wind. This subsequently prevented the occupants from inhabiting that area of the home, which sustained a considerable amount of damages. Regarding this predicament as a high priority, we were able to quickly expedite the repairs, restoring the property, giving the occupants a reassured sense of safety and security.

To better illustrate our restoration capabilities, the following images give a prominent view of the structural damages and how we were able to reconstruct the deck and repair the rupture in the roof. The final images reflect the replacement of the completely removed shingles, reconnection of the venting system, rebuilding of the wooden beams, attachment of gutters, deck reformation, vinyl restoration and addition of the deck roof.

For roof and deck repair, remember KOD Construction. Not only do we respond promptly, we deliver the best quality service for roof and deck reconstruction. And we do all of this, while keeping your ultimate comfort and safety in mind.

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